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Braid-it: Textured Straight

Get it, Braid-it, flaunt it.

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Natural Black
(Bundles come pre-stretched)
(Bundles come pre-stretched)
(Bundles come pre-stretched)
(Bundles are not pre-stretched)
(Bundles are not pre-stretched)
(Bundles come pre-stretched)
(Bundles come pre-stretched)
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Synths®1 Collection 

Our biodegradable, protein-based synthetics offer an earth-friendly alternative. - learn more

The yaki braiding texture you know and love - except better. For you and the environment.

Great for: traditional box braids, knotless braids, feed-in braids, fulani braids, stitch braids, senegalese twists. 

Whatever your style - Box braids, feed-ins, or knotless - achieve it using our protein braiding hair, made with Organic Collagen fibre that mimics the look, feel and behaviour of natural hair, so much so that it can even be heat styled.

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- Made with organic bovine collagen
- Soft and natural feel
- Creates sleek/silky looking braids
- Free from Harmful Chemicals
- Not made with nylon or polyester
- Can be heat Styled up to 150°C/300°F
- Biodegradable
- Ethically sourced

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Synths® Braid-it

Prep like a pro: our user guide for everything you need to know before and after installing your Braid-it hair. Learn More

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