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Mist-ical Spray Bottle

Get your mist on

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Demist-ify and hydrate your curls and coils in between wash days with our continuous spray.

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Gone are the days where you have to:

- Shield yourself from the attacks of your own spray bottle
- Wonder which direction the water's going to hit you from
- Or tire your hands pumping to get overall coverage

The dimensions for our spray bottle are:
360-degree usage (no spillage!)
300ml capacity
Height- 245mm
Width - 60mm

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Step by Step guide

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Step 1

To use our Mist-ical Spray Bottle, firmly twist the head to release it and then pull.

Step 2

Fill the your bottle up with H20 or your preferred liquids.

Step 3

This step is optional, we recommend adding your favourite leave in conditioner and oils if you wanna be a little ✨ extra ✨ for extra hydration.

Step 4

Firmly close the bottle with the head , twist and lock the bottle to avoid spillage. Press the trigger a few times to get your continuous stream of mist-ical sprays.