Welcome to the Curls family

Product Guide

Girls just wanna have curls! We know that's not the lyric but we think it should be, because that's exactly the vibe you'll get from the Ruka curls family - carefree black girl magic.

We have extended our OG Coils on Coils texture to include a wider range of curl types. So, whether you are here to Make Waves, have a Spring Fling, or join the Corks Crew your curls will feel right at home with these textures.

  • Super Secure Clips

    Custom technique ensures clips are at least 2x more secure than average

  • Double Drawn Hair

    Hair volume is consistent from root to tip. Unlike standard single drawn extensions.

  • Consistent Curls

    Texture arrives as advertised and won’t loosen after washing

  • Seamless Blends

    Innovative techniques to ensure extensions blend seamlessly

  • Deodorised Locks

    Scented with our own in-house fragrance. Finally, hair that smells as good as it looks!

  • Quality Guarantee

    Passed through an extensive in-house quality assessment to ensure the absolute best.


Before installing

Separate each row of clip ins and generously spritz with a mix of water and a few drops of your favourite conditioner until hair is damp. For soft, bouncy curls, brush through each row with a Denman curl styling brush. Repeat the same for the parts of your own hair you wish to leave out

Added Volume Method

Install the rows of clip ins at 1-2inch intervals around your head until you reach your desired volume. Comb through your leave-out and extensions together with for a seamless blend.

Protective Method

Section out a little hair to cover and blend with the clip ins around your intended parting. Put the rest of your hair up and away in two large plaits and install the clip ins over them. Comb through your leave-out and extensions together for a seamless blend.


Before installing

Put your hair in a compact bun.


Slip the comb attachments into the base of your bun and pull the drawstring to secure it.

To Finish

Wrap the excess drawstring around the base of the bun, tuck it in and secure it with a hair pin. You may wrap a small piece of hair around the base for additional styling purposes.


Prep your Hair

The first step of any great wig install is putting your hair back into a flat low bun, plaits, or cornrows.

Protect your hair

It’s always good practice to wear a wig cap underneath your wigs to protect your hair underneath.

Put on your Ruka hair

Once your wig is on and you’re happy with the placement, adjust the wig band to ensure your wig is secure but still comfortable. Style as desired.

Bundles & Closures

All our Ruka hair bundles and closures have been made with the greatest care and attention to detail, for the most quality finish, and durability.


All our closures are pre-plucked and made with the finest HD lace, meaning it's super thin, and more undetectable than all other laces out there. Because this lace is so delicate, it is important that it is handled gently at all times, as rough handling will reduce its durability.

Please keep this in mind when choosing a stylist for your install, and select one that has a lot of experience with curly hair extensions and HD lace.