Black Wellness Week

How are you doing?

Black Girl Wellness is a new cultural renaissance (as referred to by Dominique Fluker of Coveteur). Self-care is an act of resistance for Black women. And that’s why the theme for our Cyber Week is WELLNESS. We don’t believe in the narrative of the strong black woman that has led our health and wellness being second-rate. 

For years, it has been a conversation that Black women haven’t always been included in. We’ve seen Black women being held as the ‘pillar of strength’ who can hold all things together under any and all types of stress or even abuse. This sentiment has created a disparity in experience and services, with Black women being 50% less likely to seek counselling than White women. 

Now there are plenty more qualified brands and professionals in the space who are already tackling this issue than us, which is why we decided to collaborate with them. The Brand Directory below contains a curated list of Black female-owned businesses and partners who provide products that contribute to wellness and self-care. They’ve shared with us Black Wellness Week discounts for you to use during this cyber week, as well as being kind enough to share gift sets for giveaways running all week on the Ruka instagram. 

How are you going to take care of yourself this week?